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At MSWD (Mustard Seed Web Design) we design, build and host websites for the personal, charity and mall business sector. Our aim is to transfer your ideas of what you want your website to be and to achieve into reality. We will work with you, the customer, to ensure that we provide the best solution to your requirements, at a price that is friendly to your finances.

We specialise in both bespoke HTML websites and also dynamic Content Management Systems such as Joomla! and WordPress.

Although MSWD is based in Farnborough in Hampshire, UK we have customers and clients from all over the world.


Abba Father's House

image of abba father's house website

Divine Grace Publishing

FHIM New Start

Heads and Hearts

Victory-City Church

Hope Pentecostal

Kayode Omosa

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Free Joomla Template Forte

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Every now and then you get to work building a site using a template requested by a customer and you think "Wow!, what a great template." How much sweeter when...

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Perfect Dashboard and Mod Security

I've just been changing my reseller account to another host and discovered that Perfect Dashboard was now failing in initiating backups and updates. Talking with the support at Perfect Dashboard...

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Website not mobile friendly

The real title of this post should be "Google, Arse, Elbow". I'm working on a site for a client and it's starting to appear in the Google index. However, imagine...

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Securing Joomla Administrator

You should always have something in place to try and protect your Joomla setup from brute force attacks. These attacks are where a script or cracked website continually tries to login...

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Backing up your Joomla website

Let's start with the elephant in the room. Do you back up your Joomla website? There, that's got everything out in the open. Now to take the opportunity to get the...

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Framework or no framework?

If you work with Joomla putting together sites for customers then you will have come across Joomla template frameworks. These frameworks are skeleton outlines that provide a way for the theme...

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