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Thursday, 16 February 2017 13:31 |
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Every now and then you get to work building a site using a template requested by a customer and you think "Wow!, what a great template." How much sweeter when you come across a free template that just shrieks "Quality".

One such is the Forte template from Shape5. The added bonus is that this is one of Shape5's free templates!

Going against the flow of producing single page templates where content appears in a continuous scroll the Forte template gives ample opportunity for it to be used as a more traditional 'portal' style. Forte uses the Vertex framework and to be honest, it's proving to be very easy and intuitive to work with. A number of years ago I had to work with a Shape5 / Vertex template and found it somewhat difficult. This latest version is super easy to understand and is proving very difficult to break!

The template admin section is fully featured and provides all the capabilities you would expect. I'm also pleased that it works in Microsoft's Edge browser which is currently my browser of choice.

 Another excellent positive for this template is it's speed, particularly for display on mobile devices. Straight out of the box it was scoring a whopping 89% and even after me tinkering with it and adding lots of media it was still pulling in 74%. A good alternative to going down the Accelerated Mobile Pages route.

All in all the Forte template from Shape5 is a very generous give away by them. It's very well coded, very easy to use, very flexible and very fast.

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