With Joomla websites there's any number of parallels you can make when it comes to maintenance. Cars, sheds, boilers spring to mind. All work well but all need maintaining at some point along the way. A car doesn't run forever and with regular maintenance you can keep it running at optimum. Without regular servicing you get the odd bulb blow here, a bit of paint chipped there and before you know it the sum of all this brings everything to a halt. 

And even well known and renowned websites can fall victim to hackers and those of a criminal persuasion. In November 2015 a prestigious British newspaper "The Independent" fell victim to a hacker, who undetected for several weeks infected computers of the website's visitors with a dangerous virus. 

So even the greatest can be hacked and sadly, the risk of that happening can never be completely eliminated. However, it is certainly possible to protect yourself from most home-grown, amateur hackers who use well-known vulnerabilities to mass-hack websites. 

Website Administration - a new product we offer – increases security of your Joomla websites and enables a rapid response in the event of a hacking attempt. 

At MSWD we can arrange to monitor and maintain your Joomla site enabling you and your business to remain online.